Monday, November 26, 2007

Why Arab-Americans ought to vote for Ron Paul

The decline and fall of America

As ++Cantuar was saying

What’s all this about a virtual fence?
Rudy Giuliani appeals to the racists at VDARE. I understand the appeal of open-borders libertarianism (all should be welcome who are willing to work, as immigrants famously do) but like Ron Paul I understand the need for some immigration controls (regardless of race) as it’s charity to help one’s own citizens and a country can handle only so many new people at a time (it’s not race but economics: scarce resources versus unlimited wants).

BTW true believers in the Black Legend of Latin culture can be found not only among the putative right.

Cold War critic Frank Chodorov
I wonder if the neocon interventionist kiddies at the Intercollegiate Studies Institute know that Mr C founded it as a libertarian outfit, the Intercollegiate Society of Individualists — that name made ‘God bless the establishment’ late-’60s ‘conservatives’ uncomfortable. The hippies scaring those people had a point (romantic ideas the crunchies carry today like the arts-and-crafts people decades before the hippies) but because they were as intellectually and spiritually rootless as their culturally ex-Protestant elders they ended up believing a load of rubbish (like Marxist ideas) and practising savagery (supporting reverse-racist terrorists and destroying a university library — cui bono?).

Individualism like religious liberty is a relative good (Catholics know the answer to ‘Quid est veritas?’ but believe the way is persuasion not coercion — Vatican II was right) so I reckon I’m halfway between Russell Kirk’s and Edmund Burke’s conservatism and Murray Rothbard’s radical individualism.

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