Sunday, December 16, 2007

Anglican churchmanship revisited
The Rose Maniple (Liturgy Queen), an Affirming Anglo-Lefebvrist from Canada, tweaks an old list I wrote. Thanks for correcting the omission of English Use (Percy Dearmer’s Parson’s Handbook, a revival of mediæval — Sarum and other — English practices not an adoption of Tridentine ones) and if I wrote it today it’d be substantially the same but I hope less polemical in tone. BTW related to your blog’s name happy Gaudete Sunday: Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, rejoice...

As Fr Peter Robinson (who named tolerant conservatism for me) explains, English Use like Anglo-Papalism Tridentine (the two sides of the Anglo-Catholic worship wars of the 1920s) or modern (Anglicans doing the Novus Ordo nearly like Roman Catholics) is nearly exclusively British. Perhaps in part to distinguish itself from its English cousin, North American Anglo-Catholicism has always been more ‘choreography by Fortescue, libretto by Cranmer’ (‘Ritual Notes and water’ in more middle-of-the-road churches, by 1960 on its way to becoming the Episcopal house style), that is, Tridentine and Prayer Booky, because Episcopalians have had to use the Prayer Book in most places.

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