Friday, December 28, 2007

The collapse of the front-runners
Justin Raimondo’s latest. Never mind the ‘right’-versus-‘left’ (in which ‘right’ has been assigned the meanings ‘police state’ and militarism, or ‘kill rag-heads’), ‘Christianism’-versus-secularism or red-versus-blue Punch-and-Judy shows (and don’t pay attention to that man behind the curtain).
Each “frontrunner,” in succession, has been dethroned and cast aside, only to be replaced by a preacher whose brand of backwoods populism is more appealing to what Andrew Sullivan calls the party’s “Christianist” base. Yet it isn’t “Christianism,” whatever that is, that explains Mike Huckabee’s primary appeal. He has broken through to frontrunner status, in spite of the pundits’ disdain, and in large part precisely because of it. The Huckabee “surge” is part of a growing populist backlash against the alleged “wisdom” of our failed elites in politics and the media.
This statist warmonger, with his sledgehammer-subtle Christmas ad, knows how to effectively take God’s name in vain to get his share of the values voters and other resentful red-staters in Dubya’s fan base (Karl Rove’s patsies). Gotcha.
The media is now telling us that the Iraq war is no big deal, and isn’t really an issue anymore.
Easy to do as most of Middle America knows its kids won’t be sent over there.

But there are signs of intelligent life in the universe:
Polls show that the majority of Iowa Republicans want us out of Iraq inside of a year — and yet how much of the Republican presidential field would agree with that proposition?
Hint: the one with an MD.
William Schneider of the neocon-controlled American Enterprise Institute intones from his perch at CNN that “experience” is what matters most, now that Pakistan is about to explode, and the League of Former Frontrunners chimes in, with McCain, Giuliani, and Hillary all rushing to tell us that they know Musharraf, and Rudy opining that he can identify with what happened in Pakistan, because, after all, in case you haven’t heard, he was right there when the terrorists attacked us on 9/11....
Right, every sentence of Benito’s got a noun, a verb and 9/11. (That doesn’t get old.)
Again, however, the American people are in no mood to listen to these alleged Voices of Experience: they are in what might fairly be called a contrarian mood, and just aren’t heeding all the sage advice coming from the many mouths of the Establishment.

Ron Paul, in his interview with Wolf Blitzer, hit a home run when he said that he would certainly not send US troops, in “response” to the alleged “crisis” caused by the death of Bhutto.

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