Sunday, December 23, 2007

GetReligion on Mr Blair’s church membership
If he’s so liberal why’d he bother switching? It may be none of our business (part of the English value of tolerant conservatism is respecting one’s privacy on these matters) but in any event the mainstream media aren’t telling.

It’s official: churchgoing RCs outnumber churchgoing C of E members
  • I could have sworn I’d blogged this before.
  • An honour rather like being the best surfer in Minnesota?
  • A Pyrrhic victory thanks in part to this, rather like Anglo-Catholics won lots of little battles over practice but thanks in part to indifferentism (alluded to in this story by the liberal sometime Bishop of Oxford) lost the war? (‘We’ve cut off your church home from any hope of Catholic reunion but here, now you can have official texts for saints’ days. Enjoy!’)
  • The RC strength right now is thanks to Polish immigration. Based on that how long can this uptick last?
  • Name three towering historical/theological/literary figures in England missing from the mention of notable converts.

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