Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Gore Vidal and The Philadelphia Bulletin’s Joe Murray on Ron Paul
Noam Chomsky, alleged advocate of peace, has shown his true colors by dissing Ron Paul even if his opponent were Hillary. However, the heroic Gore Vidal, America’s greatest living critic and novelist, appreciates Ron, and the decline of the neocon empire. A good lesson for the left as well as the rest of us.
Let the mainstream Republican candidates destroy each other.
It means the latest candidate to join the first tier with his $18 million war chest is about to surge.

Ron Paul is set to explode on the campaign circuit right before the early contests. His fundraising gives him a legitimate claim to the first tier, while his money will permit him to retain it.

Thanks to perfect timing, it appears Mr. Paul may be the last man standing when the snow melts this spring.
From the LRC blog.

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