Friday, December 28, 2007

Holy Innocents
Ron Paul supports state right-to-life amendments

Writes my source for this link:
Those who really want Roe v. Wade gone.... pony up. It’s time for Congress to support something real.

It’s not a national ban on baby-butchering, but it’s a good start toward ending the madness.
Yes, kick it back to the states. The pro-murder folk in chi-chi blue states will keep having their way at least for a while.

But the Republicans have got too much invested in pretending to care about abortion as a way to cadge votes from the red-state religious folk for anything real to happen.

I’d like to see the laws restored to what they’d become by immemorial custom before the late 1960s.

Never mind the bollocks from the angry folk and their crossed-out coat-hangers.

Abortion was legal.

Medically necessary abortions, that is. To save the woman’s life.

And however the theologians want to spin that (‘only if it’s an indirect result of treatment for something else’) the church is cool with it.

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