Thursday, December 20, 2007

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I’ll have you know that in 1963, when I was 18, my then-girlfriend called me “a young fogey” because of my “stodgy” views. I had lunch with her one day a year and a half ago (we had not seen one another in almost 40 years) and I reminded her of what she had said. She laughed and said that I was probably ahead of my times.

I found your wonderful blog almost by accident - I was visiting an Angelfire site on Father Seraphim Rose when I saw the link.

By way of introduction, this now “senior fogey” is a 62-year-old resident of New Jersey, married (today is our 38th anniversary), two grandsons, etc., with three years, six months, and two weeks until I retire (but who’s counting?!)

I am an anti-war conservative, a conservative of the Pat Buchanan stripe, which makes me unpopular in many quarters (but I am used to that).

Not to stretch this out too long, is there no way to link up the Arabic letters on the blog’s banner?
Ya Rabb YasU` al-MasIH, ibn AllAh, IrHamnI anA al-HATI - beautiful - the Jesus Prayer in Arabic! (Arabic was my minor in college, and I have a doctorate in Near Eastern Studies, among my accomplishments.)

Keep up the good fight. From one fogey to another, it is nice to see continuity - all is not lost on your generation!

Warmest best.
Thank you! Happy anniversary.

Long before I knew of The Spectator I first heard ‘young fogey’ from a TV show from about 1963! It was ‘The Lucy Show’ that Lucille Ball made with Vivian Vance after ‘I Love Lucy’ in which (IIRC) Lucy’s teen-aged daughter says something in unintelligible (made-up?) kid slang and Lucy tells Viv she called them old fogeys. Viv gives the punch-line ‘Why can’t we be young fogeys?’ or something like that.

You are one of the only people who has remarked on the Arabic (which of course came from Samer). I simply never thought of linking that text; also I like the green letters and wanted to keep that without changing all the blog’s hyperlinks to green.

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