Friday, December 28, 2007

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Tomas Sören Kindahl writes from Sweden:

I regard myself as Lutheran. You write quite correctly (and maybe sympathetically?) about Lutheranism at this page. Just a note about what I regard being the core in protestantism: the priest is not an authority by God, he/she is a guide to for you to create and improve your relation to God by your own conditions. I don’t claim that non-Protestant have any different standpoint — I just claim that this was the basis for the emergence of Protestantism in northern Europe in the 14ths and 15ths. This protestant stance is very pronounced in the Lutheran and other Protestant churches I know of.
Hej Tomas,

Tack! (I only know a few words of Swedish.) It means a lot to hear from a Lutheran that I was fair and sympathetic to your church. I agree with what you wrote and made a point much like it here.

Glad jul.

Hej då.

I’m fair and sympathetic towards Roman Catholicism too, of course, it’s sometimes said by (Swedish) Pentecostals, that behind the surface, we’re all just Christians. I have adopted that saying insofar as the faith and the religious community in question don’t exercise an excessive control over the individual (like a few small sects and faulty theology systems tend to do — those that you mention in your pages).
Read on the Ship recently that charismatism is a praxis looking for a theology and ecclesiology and fell into Protestantism early on by circumstance/accident. Also learnt there that Pentecostalism is the older sectarian form of it; charismatism is ecumenical as one can see.

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