Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Mitt and Mike show?
Pat Buchanan thinks so, believing Benito’s done

(And although Rudy’s go at playing the ethnic-RC card is risible I wonder if residual Protestant and anti-Latin prejudice is also still at work: the Italian ring to his name.)

More on Mr G from AmConMag:
Thinking like Karl Rove for a moment I can imagine Mutt and Jeff: a Romney-Huckabee ticket or the other way round depending on how each fares in the next few months. Appeal to both the secular neocons and the religious right, whichever public face is more popular getting the top billing.

Mike Romney or Mitt Huckabee. Possibly played by Fred Thompson or a guy wearing a Reagan mask.

None of which is meant here to deny that my man can possibly win.

Robert Taft deserved to.

For more on the 1950s betrayal of the authentic right read Murray Rothbard.

Also from Pat:
Congress was arguably the greatest disappointment and biggest loser of 2007.
Like I said earlier, it’s as if I voted a mostly Democratic ticket last year for my first time... for nothing.

From Chronicles.

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