Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Year’s honours
  • Tolerant conservatism: Gay actor Sir Ian McKellen, 68, said after finding out that he was becoming a Companion of Honour: “It is particularly pleasing that ‘equality’ is included in my citation.” As long as he’s not literally in a pulpit preaching it’s not a sin, why not? I’d vote for somebody with Gene Robinson’s personal life — he’s wrong but that doesn’t necessarily say anything about his character — and Ron Paul’s platform. BTW I liked Sir Ian’s 1930s-fascist Richard III.
  • Songs from the wood... Ian Anderson, MBE. I’m a Jethro Tull fan.
  • I should be so lucky! Lucky, lucky, lucky... Can’t get my head round this one: Kylie Minogue, OBE... ‘for services to music’. I could understand ‘for commerce’ (the reason the Beatles got MBEs).
Queen longest-living British monarch
She may outreign Queen Victoria as well

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