Thursday, December 20, 2007

On the care of children
A talk between me and Bishop Laura. To give equal time to the pro-corporal punishment side a friend in England (one of several people who showed me how to be a YF) was a village schoolmaster in Pakistan (a Muslim country for those who don’t know) for a year (he had the snaps of himself with a full beard and the pop records in Urdu to prove it) and the discipline there included a few beatings given to the boys, who according to Simon took it in stride as part of their culture and bore him no grudge.

And at the other end from Bishop Laura...

God have mercy on her
I’m with Per Christum. In fairness I also note it when conservatives publicly mess up but this is either one of the most clueless (Father, forgive) or evil things I’ve ever read, a legitimate ‘O tempora!’ cry because it says so much about what’s wrong with modern society including modern(ist) religion (or ‘I’m into spirituality’). Boomer narcissism turned literally deadly. The bishop and his director of ordinands share the blame. Theological Controversial Issue™ aside why on earth was this person approved to continue reading for orders let alone ordained? In better days a man who conducted himself like this — including getting his girlfriend’s little problem taken care of — would have been dropped by the diocese and thrown out of theological college as is meet and right.

Owen White once compared his rural American Southern childhood to the rich upper-middle-class Northern kids he knew later, noting that the former were less sheltered/coddled and thus familiar with real, life-threatening danger like violence and could even laugh some of it off but knew (the law of God is written in the heart of every man) to take sex deadly seriously — like not pointing a gun (something they were also comfortable using) at something unless you intended to use it, you didn’t have sex unless you were married to or at least intended to marry the other person. (The kind of pre-marital relations that are often tolerated in traditional societies* — even if you account for shotgun weddings birth records from the 1700s show an awful lot of preemies ;).) The spoilt suburban kids treated it like a party game.

*You can also see this as a throwback to mediæval Western Catholic practice about marriage — in the Western Church the man and woman are the ministers of the sacrament to each other — in which only nobles had church weddings; the common folk made agreements between families, then the couple made promises to each other and had sex — and the church recognised it.

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