Monday, December 24, 2007

Perpetual war
With the carrot-on-a-stick of perpetual peace: the 1984 racket in 20th-century American history. From 1953.

The anti-cancer drug
Legalise it

Romney for dictator
Because 9/11 Changed Everything™. At least he’s not a liar like Bush and Cheney.

The British revolution
In a country truly gone Orwellian in which MI5 tells Londoners on Kiss 100 (commercial FM pop radio station — I remember when those were new in England) to spy on each other. Some are now burning surveillance cameras. V for Vendetta, anyone? In any event a palm-out V-for-victory for the lovers of freedom based on rule of law and tolerant conservatism (and in another historical allusion, in the long run ‘on earth peace to men of good will’ as the gospel reminds us especially this time of year) and a palm-in V-sign to its enemies.

From LRC.

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