Monday, December 17, 2007

RIP Dan Fogelberg
I read a few months ago that he had cancer. He was so good at what he did my reactions to his songs were mixed. Intended as a throwaway to finish an album and becoming one of his greatest hits ‘The Power of Gold’ I found spiritual as I and others did ‘Leader of the Band’ about his dad; played a lot this time of year ‘Same Old Lang Syne’ is spot-on melancholy (if you like that sort of thing — I don’t necessarily want to feel that way during Advent and Christmas!)... as I also found ‘Longer’ oddly enough as I did some other ’70s mellow pop like Seals and Crofts. (While I’m here I’ll admit I like America from the period: ‘Ventura Highway’, ‘Daisy Jane’ with the viola bridge, ‘Tin Man’, ‘Lonely People’.)

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