Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sane money and first principles
LRC talks to Ron Paul: like with the Episcopal row let’s not get bogged down in a discussion of the symptoms (like the stuff about sex that takes over headlines); look at the foundations instead.
Ron Paul’s campaign isn’t about the relatively trivial issue of who should govern, Tweedledee or Tweedledum. It’s about what the nature of the government should be – and how much and how fast we can cut it down.

Ron is famous for his principled rejection of fiat currency, and advocacy of hard money – the gold standard.
His immediate plan (libertarians are not by definition selfish, heartless monsters and Dr Paul believes in keeping his word):
I would transfer some of the money saved by my cuts in foreign programs and unconstitutional domestic bureaucracies into the entitlements programs to keep the promises to those relying on the system. I would then work to transition to a market system, phasing in an option for younger workers to opt out of Social Security and Medicare taxes in return for agreeing to provide for their own retirement and health care needs without participating in a government entitlement program.

I would also work to eliminate all forms of corporate welfare and business subsidies.
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