Friday, December 21, 2007

‘Shut up, shut up, shut up!
Ex-CIA agent in trouble for talking about waterboarding
John Kiriakou spoke last week with several news organizations, including CNN, after the CIA disclosed that videotapes of certain interrogations were destroyed in 2005.

That revelation has prompted new calls for investigations on Capitol Hill.

The Bush administration appeared in U.S. District Court on Friday to answer a judge’s questions about the tapes’ destruction.

Speaking to CNN last week, Kiriakou said that U.S. interrogators drew valuable information from al Qaeda captive Abu Zubayda by “waterboarding” him. But Kiriakou said the procedure amounts to torture and should be stopped.

Waterboarding involves pouring a stream of water onto the cellophane-covered face of a suspect to induce the sensation of drowning, Kiriakou said.

CIA officers who leave the agency are required to sign documents promising never to divulge classified information.
The end justifies the means, brought to you by the Values-Vote™ Party.

I think it’s like soldiers who choose not to go back to Iraq. (Not the same as conscientious objectors, who are pacifists; they’re protected by law.) They’re heroes but part of that heroism is taking the punishment their decision brings on them: convictions, prison, being kicked out of the service with a bad record (which takes away some citizenship rights). The US Marines have a saying: USMC stands for ‘you signed the motherf*cking contract’. Like them Mr Kiriakou signed one (I don’t know whether in blood or not).

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