Saturday, December 29, 2007

Smug face and social-worker voice
The condescension of political correctness
  • age of petty piety, where relativistic non-judgementalism coexists with new codes of personal morality.
  • ...a new form of moralistic hectoring; it is better to see it as amoralistic hectoring.
  • I am avowedly atheist. But listening to the bishops’ drab, eco-pious Christmas sermons, I couldn’t help thinking: ‘Bring back God!’
  • Mankind is more than the janitor of planet Earth.
  • There’s nothing wrong with conservation/good stewardship.
  • Again the Pope recently said, more or less, ‘Give me proof not hype’.
  • AFAIK ++Cantuar’s sermon may have lacked some Christian substance but didn’t say anything heretical.
From the LRC blog.

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