Monday, December 31, 2007

T19 on the Bishop of San Joaquin
Hooray for Kendall Harmon, his regulars and ‘elves’*: intelligent conversation

In Pennsylvania historically church rows are nothing new. (More.) AFAIK in American history a whole diocese shifting (not exactly changing) its affiliation is.
In the catholic POV (which ++Cantuar has referred to in other discussions previously) the basic building block is the diocese. Basically because the church is where the bishop is — or by extension, one of his college of presbyters. The communion with other dioceses is not an administrative one, but flows from the one-ness of the timeless eucharistic offering in which we participate.
the Ship

Which includes agreement on faith and morals: Catholicism is a package deal. ‘Forget our differences (cough, shut up and let us do what we want) and gather at the Lord’s table’ is a distortion not the authentic version of this, just like ‘the church has changed scripture’ (Bishop Charles Bennison**) is a distortion of the Catholic view of doctrine: an infallible church is bound by rule of law, past definitions of doctrine; a fallible one is not. Again, as Christopher Johnson says, if your view of the church is Protestant, that changing essentials is prophetic, then it’s hypocritical to invoke Nicæa or quote St Ignatius of Antioch.

So is communion with Evangelicalism any more tenable or desirable than with Broad Churchmanship?

*I just twigged: they fight trolls.

**IMO of the youngest generation that still thinks radical scepticism about orthodoxy is cool.

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