Saturday, December 29, 2007

Thinking outside the box
Modernism is on its way out in church architecture as it is in theology (as one can see from the Orthodox convert boomlet to Pope Benedict’s restoration to the credal orthodoxy of the Archbishop of Canterbury — save recent dithering on necessity of belief in the Virgin Birth? — and Derek Olsen)
The Associated Baptist Press is reporting on an architectural revival, of sorts, among Christians trying to get away from sterile, stadium-like box-shaped megachurches.

The architects agreed the tide is turning — both in the church and culture — toward more overt spiritual values, and the days of spiritually neutral churches may be ending.
People are realising that beige, bland ecumenicism (not the same as ecumenism as in talking to each other and acknowledging things in common) is not the way to go.

From Episcopal Café.

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