Saturday, December 29, 2007

Three on Pakistan
  • Stay out of it. The Saudis have never lived with the illusion that they can, through the exercise of sheer brute power, stamp their view upon the world. The House of Saud are like the Byzantine emperors in their approach: money and flattery over war. Americans, on the other hand, do live with the illusion that they can, through brute force, bend the world to their will.
  • Drawing the wrong conclusions. Obama attempts to play the role of the unconventional anti-Iraq War candidate. But, contradicting himself, he endorses an activist U.S. role in Pakistan: “We...stand with them in their quest for democracy and against the terrorists who threaten the common security of the world.” Does this sound like George Bush, or does this sound like George Bush?
  • What Bhutto’s murder really means.
It’s exactly what I said. Ten billion dollars we paid into this guy’s coffers to keep a military dictator who overthrew an elected government. And we’re supposed to die for spreading democracy? We’re going broke. And now we’ve created chaos in that country. We had Bhutto come back in there. Everybody over there knows our CIA is trying to run things. That’s why he’s so unpopular. As long as we’re going to interfere, there will be a motivation for people to get rid of our puppet government and turn against us as well. That’s where the radicalism comes from. It’s a response to a foreign policy that is seriously flawed.
Ron Paul

From LRC.

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