Friday, December 21, 2007

Trad RC buzz on Ron Paul
Even if they don’t agree (yet) they’re learning his ideas. From Brian Underwood.

Like this endorsement with reservations (a vote is a vote — as long as it’s got honestly as is Dr Paul’s way) from my old friend Jeff Culbreath, himself an RC traditionalist. From Joshua Snyder.

Here’s another from Byzantine Catholic Daniel Nichols.

Jeff’s right that for Catholics political loyalties and solutions are always relative and utilitarian (‘render unto Cæsar’ what is Cæsar’s as Jesus said, ‘the emperor is not above the church’ as St Ambrose, himself a former Roman governor, said, and ‘I am neither a monarchist nor a republican; I am a legitimist’ as Archduke Otto von Habsburg said), which is why totalitarians left* and right hate them, but wrong in thinking that — just like the left — ‘the use of government to achieve social goals’ (beyond the golden rule/harm principle) is right, or the state has the power to extirpate vice (a power that can bite Christians back!).

Again to give nasty Ayn Rand her due a politician’s metaphysical problems aren’t my problems as long as he or she gets the job done; Jeff essentially agrees though we disagree on some principles.

There is no such thing as ‘Catholic economics’ just like there’s no ‘Shi’ite biology’ or ‘Tibetan Buddhist physics’.

And Dr Paul doesn’t take God’s name in vain anyway; he isn’t using his or any other faith to cadge votes. His principles — universal or small-c catholic — should appeal to anybody who believes in fair play.

*Can’t help thinking of Episcopalian-but-really-iffy-agnostic John Spong’s blast from the past of nativist Protestant nostalgia when as Bishop of Newark he told born-RC women and gays to stop giving their allegiance to that Roman dictator and come over to his church where you (meaning he?), not rule of law in the form of doctrine, call the shots. (Of course he ought to have the confidence that his church is right and others wrong if he’s a member let alone a bishop but that still struck me.) Now there’s a faith that’ll get you through hard times, mate. As Whitney Houston saith, learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all. Mirror, anyone? Sick-bag? A fallible church can contradict itself on doctrine. An infallible one is bound by rule of law — it can’t. That applies to the Pope.

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