Saturday, December 22, 2007

Why ‘the counterculture’(s) ought to vote for Ron Paul
Part of this fine series

The best defence
Is the golden rule and bringing the soldiers home: ‘ALL of them, Frank!’ as Cary Grant said in Father Goose

Dr Paul and I are not pacifists nor is Charley Reese.
As long as the cowardly Congress continues to fund the war, the troops will be stuck there.
Or I may well have voted a mostly Democratic ticket for my first time last year (remember ‘democracy’ at work, the great referendum on the war ‘so get out there and vote’?) for nothing.
Don’t look for any victory parades or celebrations. Bombs and bullets will stay on the menu probably as long as we are there and afterward, too, until some new Iraqi strongman takes control.
To see what will happen study the last few years of the Vietnam War.

From liberalism to Murdochracy
Tony Blair’s legacy

From LRC.

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