Thursday, January 31, 2008

And then there were four

Me thinks that Mike Hucksterbee will be the next one down.
A Paul advert in the papers

He’s got a new book!

He tells the GOP warmongers what for

The socialists as well (same people)

The reasons given for not supporting him

Like the birdbath in my neighbour’s garden. John Derbyshire gets it:
You already have a genuinely conservative candidate on offer. He’s just not slick enough for you. What, he has positions you don’t agree with? More than the other guys? Actually, I have heard very little complaining about Paul’s positions. What I have mostly heard is (a) He’s funny-looking, (b) He can’t win, and (c) He has a lot of icky supporters.
[Valley Girl voice:] He doesn’t have charisma!

Or you might hear about his prodigious fund-raising but not his actual views.

If you vote for somebody you hate ‘because he can win’ you get what you deserve.

McCain either lies or doesn’t know history

McCain the insider

Although McCain claims that he’s an “outsider”, he’s been part of the establishment for more of his life than any candidate in US history: Born on a naval base as the son of an admiral (and grandson of an admiral), lived on a military base his entire childhood, went off to the Naval Academy, served a full military career, immediately ran for congress in ’82 after retiring from active duty, moved on to the Senate in ’86, and has been there ever since. So McCain has been a paid employee of the US Gov’t for 54 years and grew up in an elite military family before that. You can’t get any more “establishment” than John McCain.
How the debates really work
Liberal: I’m conservative!
Liberal 2: No, I’m conservative!
Liberal 3: No, let’s talk about my conservatism!
Conservative: I’d like to talk about MY credentials.
Host: Sorry, no time for that. You already had 15 seconds of the last 30 minutes. Wait for the next question.
From the LRC blog.

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