Wednesday, January 30, 2008

An Arab perspective on Ron Paul
From Samer al-Batal:
I never thought someone would catch this and bring it to Lew Rockwell’s attention. I came across the original Arabic column in the paper myself a couple of days back!

I was pleasantly surprised and glad finally to see some attention given to Ron Paul from some corner of the Arabic media, which has by and large failed to notice him, typical mainstream-media behaviour that isn’t surprising. At any rate, what is even better is having Ron Paul introduced to an Arabic readership through a man who, as he mentions in writing, has known of him for a number of years (and so now I rest content in the knowledge that I am not the only native of the Middle East residing in the Old World who has) and presumably has been following his activity, rather than through the pen of somebody who by way of a little brief investigative reporting is only now beginning to understand and acquaint himself with what this campaign is and has been doing and how it has managed to win for itself such phenomenal public support. I am eager to see Mr al-Khaazin and others in this area write more frequently with the aim of directing people’s attention towards Dr Paul. I am also hoping to see his name appear in a newspaper headline (or mentioned on television) rather than pushed aside to the last page, tucked within a short opinion column.

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