Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Church humour
Silurian in Wales on schism:
A joke quite common in Wales! It goes like this.

Thomas Tudor and a few others had split off from their chapel because they could no longer accept the doctrines of their denomination.

Some months later the minister asked Mr Tudor whether he and the others worshipped together.

Tudor: ‘No, I found that they accepted certain points to which I could not subscribe, so I withdrew from Communion with them.’

Minister: ‘So I suppose you and your wife carry on your devotions together at home.’

Tudor: ‘Well, not exactly. I found that our views on certain doctrines are not in harmony so there has been a division between us. Now she worships in the north-east corner of the room and I take the south-west.’
From the Ship, in fine English and Anglican fashion not a place for prigs:
At an ecumenical gathering drinks were served at which a teetotalling free-church minister exclaimed, ‘I would rather sleep with a prostitute than have alcohol pass these lips!’ To which the Anglican bishop host answered, ‘So would I but that’s not what’s being offered.’
BTW MadPriest’s theology — ‘we follow where upper-middle-class society, I mean, the Spirit leads’ — may make about as much sense to me as the angel Moroni, golden plates and magic glasses to read them (both seem cases of belief in ongoing revelation! ...not like those stodgy Catholics and rule of law getting in the way of feeling all prophetic) but I know enough about English camp to have a clue what he’s on about and suspect he probably thoroughly enjoyed getting Stand Firm’s (a name ready-made for bawdy jokes, a fact not lost on liberals) knickers in a twist recently (ooh, he said ‘penis’).

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