Monday, January 21, 2008

Cockburn on Clinton, Obama and race
A view from the left. Looks like they won’t team up but you never know. My guess is if they did they’d win because like the Democrats in 2006 they’re wrongly perceived as peace candidates. Of course race, sex and religion (the silly fear-mongering about a Muslim connexion) should be nothing to do with it.
Obama purged his rhetoric of populism or outrage and has levitated on soft cushions of hot air about “change”, thus emulating Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1932.

Bill Clinton, a career liar, said Obama was a peddler of fairy tales.
But it’s true.
Bob Johnson, a communications czar, America’s first black billionaire and a big Hillary supporter, stood next to Hillary on a campaign platform in South Carolina and said the Clintons had been fighting for black justice while young Obama was still “doing something in the neighborhood” — i.e., doing drugs behind the schoolyard fence.
Sure, smoking pot with his fellow upper-middle-class kids at private school. So what? Legalise it.
It won’t be long before the Clinton campaign circulates some of Rev Wright’s sermons linking Zionism with racism, and brandishes the photo of Mr and Mrs Barack Obama having lunch with the late Edward Said, America’s best known Palestinian.
Dr Wright is correct and Mr Obama being pro-Palestinian is too much to hope for and outweighed by other issues (he’s pro-war and pro-state).

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