Friday, January 25, 2008

A corny mirage
Another government-fuelled scam like high-fructose corn syrup
...about 70 per cent more energy is required to produce ethanol than the energy that actually is in ethanol.
Income redistribution is not charity
Answering this
I always find it interesting that socialists treat government as a sort of supernatural entity: it affects all things without actually being a part of it. The money and actions they take have no (important) effects apart from what the socialists intend.
Suppose that I wanted to donate $500 to a local church. If we were to socialize/nationalize charity, it’s likely that those $500 will no longer be available to me. Thus, my charity will not receive those funds and there will be little chance that I would be “much happier.”
I’m surprised that AFAIK the religious left hadn’t thought of that one.
Free exchange is always ex ante beneficial.

Charity is a virtuous act that requires freedom. Forceful charity does not and cannot exist. If A steals from B to give to C, C might be better off but became so at the expense of B. B is a victim and A is a thief. The exchange between A and B is not legitimate. Not everyone is “much happier.”
‘Pa, what does “confiscate” mean?’

— James Stewart in Shenandoah

From LRC.

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