Friday, January 25, 2008

Crunchy criticism
  • ‘Those kids today.’ I know. But this is real:
    I believe we may have come to the point where we’re entering into real “Love in the Ruins”-type stuff. I think we finally have reached the point where the young — and this is a gross generalization, I realize — are really, really pissed [off], utterly adrift and are starting to turn on society. There are no rules, and it’s absolutely tribal.
    This echoes the late historian William Manchester, a World War II veteran who in Goodbye, Darkness wrote unromantically about his times (he wasn’t Tom Brokaw), who saw the shared culture of parents and children replaced with the advertising-driven ‘brooding influence of the peer group’ (a pseudo-tribe — here’s more on tribalism) among the boomers. Throw in late-’60s destruction and most people in their 20s and 30s just aren’t very nice. (But you’ve got a small counter-current with the orthodox religious restoration.) More than a decade in the work world has only emphasised that to me.
  • The corporate, establishment-conservative way of life sucks (or simply mainstream middle-class with the approved PC views):
    Modern conservatism really doesn’t like families or family life in general. Turbo capitalism [I’ve never read that term before] is all about people working ungodly hours to sustain a living in the US of A. Our dog eat dog system sucks! It ain’t very Christian at all — or moral. That’s the “freedom” of the market.
    I’ll let the Misesians answer that one.
    I never could understand how you can be a Christian and be a turbo capitalist, but oh well, it’s the US of A and we are the “exceptional” nation.
    Seriously that last bit — ‘aren’t we special?’ — is deeply of the modern left, ‘progressive’.

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