Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Episcopal row: threats
Dr Jefferts Schori to the Bishop of Fort Worth, whose diocese is one of that church’s two remaining Anglo-Catholic ones and considering a proposal to switch provinces as San Joaquin has done:
You state your concern about those who would stand by their convictions being threatened with depositions and lawsuits. I would also note that depositions and lawsuits have no substance if there has been no violation. Fear of same is probably not rational if there is no basis for same.
Sounds like Mr Bush’s people to critics of the Patriot Act!

Elsewhere Fr Mark J. wrote:
Is it just me, or has there been a serious lack in the education of our clergy leadership over the past 30 years? Do they honestly not know how the Episcopal Church works? Or are they conveniently forgetting?

A “diocese” is not a collection of buildings and pieces of property. A “diocese” cannot leave. People can leave, but the diocese then becomes the people who didn’t leave.

Have they not been teaching these small details in seminaries?
I know not to bring up these matters in the forum in which you posted this, Father. (All I can do there is try and build some bridges on peace issues such as the war on Iraq.) Away from the ideology and tone of that place, earlier in this blog I asked readers who trained at theological college for comments giving a few citations (older than recent Episcopal history) backing that claim.

In 1534 a collection of dioceses on an island somewhere did just that to their lawful patriarch at the command of the king: they left. (Regardless of right or wrong, easy to enforce when you’ve got your own army and navy.) So shall that patriarch’s representative archbishop (Irish name IIRC) come round to get the keys to all the old churches?

Bid to inhibit the Bishop of Pittsburgh backfires

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