Thursday, January 24, 2008

Four more religious ones today
The restoration is under way
Has been for some time now. A graduate of Philadelphia’s St Charles Borromeo Seminary recently told me that when he was there 15 years ago ordinands would nip into the church where I’ve been a happy part-timer since 2003 to see how things are done. Now not only are that college and the SSPX teaching official RC priests that but the rector of Clem’s writes:
The traditional way of celebrating the Mass is making a come-back in both the Anglican and Roman Catholic Churches, and I have had many fascinating letters from priests who say they have used our service sheets and our splendid pictures to get it right. This should make me very careful at the altar — who knows how many might copy my errors!
The complete ironic turning inside-out of the old joke that if a server fainted at Westminster Cathedral the next week they’d be swooning all over the sanctuary at Bourne Street.

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