Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fr Hunwicke’s Liturgical Notes
A new Catholic blog. From A-C Ruminations.
What a wonderful ecumenical gesture, that the Bishop of Rome should revert to the ancient practice of undivided Christendom which is still the custom of the Eastern Churches, and a practice, of course, which we still follow here at S Thomas’s in distant Oxford.

The Tractarians demonstrated that the custom of ancient Christendom was to face East.

Traditionalist Roman Catholics sometimes tend to dismiss Ecumenism as a game only for trendies and liberals. I beseech them to realise that there is Ecumenism, and there is Ecumenism. Ecumenism, in my view, certainly does not mean cosying up to the Trautmans (Trautmen? Trautpersons?) with their apparent message of dumping the Great Tradition so as to be indistinguishable liturgically or doctrinally from liberal Protestantism.
Of course false ecumenism insults the Eastern churches but they’re not really on the liberals’ radar (traditional Rome is the church they’re mad at). Their assigned rôle in the liberal worldview is rather like that given to East Asian and Native American faiths: to be inoffensively quaint on the margins, sounding spiritual and painting pretty pictures that make their Western users look cool.

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