Monday, January 21, 2008

McCain is living Giuliani’s dream
I was going to ask Puckpan why he’d vote differently if Giuliani or McCain were the Republican candidate as I don’t see a real difference between them
While satisfying to antiwar conservatives, the demise of Giuliani was a victory for hegemonists, whose goals will not be burdened any longer by Giuliani’s personal history and social liberalism.
Romney is Gore
He is the stiff technocrat chastised by the media for his awkward style and for his many changes of public persona. He is the son of a politician, born to privilege and capable of tremendously detailed policy wonkery that bores most other people silly. He is frequently compared to a robot or some other passionless humanoid, for which he then overcompensates with public displays of emotion.
From Eunomia.

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