Saturday, January 19, 2008

An open letter to liberal Christians on behalf of Ron Paul?
Specifically an entry rebutting a liberal RC article. Don’t forget Blessed Antonio Rosmini!

I love the half-right, half-blindingly-stupid Marxist assessment of Paul — he’s the capitalist candidate who wants just what big business wants: a free market, where they can prey upon us all! Left-liberals have often said the same thing: why, he’s good on the war, but he wants big business to run wild! Pretty soon they will enslave every last one of us, etc.

Ahem, then why over the course of his career has Ron Paul received so little money from pro-business PACs? In 2002, for instance, leftist Barbara Lee got four times as much money from such PACs as did Paul, even though Paul favors the market.

Is it possible that the real world is more interesting and complex than the cartoon?
The only one acting like a real Republican
In the Robert Taft mould, says sometime moral majoritarian Cal Thomas

Wishing Lew a speedy recovery from serious eye surgery

From the LRC blog.

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