Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Paul Craig Roberts’ political prognosis
Are the Democrats choosing Hillary because she has the moral integrity to stop an unjust war and to hold war criminals responsible for leading America into war based on lies and deception?
Like the Dems I helped vote into power in ’06 have done, ha ha.
Are they choosing Hillary because she defends the U.S. Constitution from usurpation by executive power? Are they choosing her because she is public-spirited instead of personally ambitious?

No. The Democrats are choosing Hillary because of gender and race.
The race- and sex-based politics (I shan’t say ‘gender’; that’s a man-made construct) remind me of Charley on the Episcopal row (why their mainstream left turned on Catholics). Identity politics above the good of the country.
This is not to argue that Republicans are an improvement. Their likely nominee is John McCain, who has recently said that he is OK with a 100-year war in Iraq. McCain is as willing to attack Iran as George Bush and Dick Cheney, and he would not be averse to conspiring with Israel and the neoconservatives to pull off an attack. Republicans don’t even have a “change” candidate in the running. They have worked to marginalize Ron Paul precisely because he would be an instrument of change.

In the presidential race, Hillary would defeat McCain, who without any doubt is the war candidate. Hillary will get the women’s vote, the minorities’ vote and the antiwar vote. McCain will get the vote of angry macho white males.
As at least one celebrity endorsement shows. (‘Rambo says vote McCain: he killed gooks for real.’)

From Chronicles.

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