Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Pope, La Sapienza and illiberal liberalism
In the form of Italian anti-clericalism? (The Catholic faith is sacerdotalist not its caricature, clericalist.)
Why do the Hebrews rage?
The Tridentine Good Friday liturgy prays for the conversion of the Jews. The Jews thank God they are not gentiles. What’s the problem?
As the late Archbishop of Canterbury Geoffrey Fisher said of dissenting Protestants I’d be more worried about you if you didn’t believe your faith was the true one.

While you’re at Fr Wells’ blog read about:
Fr Wells on common knowledge:
... the view of medieval and Christian culture is ultimately impoverished. The Dark Ages and the Medieval period are not one in the same. Christian culture during the middle ages is surprisingly fecund and bottom-up with folk religion and culture giving a great diversity of expression. Contrast Julian of Norwich’s visionary experiences with Danse Macabre artwork, centralized papal authority with decentralized monastic networks, or the differences in worship between Salisbury and Milan for a taste of this diversity.

If anything, it was the centralizing effect of the printing press that clamped down on cultural expressions.
Like Derek and other scholars he knows Catholicism isn’t monolithic, I’ll add thanks in part historically to limited travel and communication.

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