Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Protestantism and its Anglo-American common knowledge have it back-to-front
Liturgy is older than the Christian Bible
To be deep in history is to cease to be a Protestant.
— Newman

Americans replacing themselves through birth again
Sounds good. Of course the snobbish left hates it.

Say it loud: ‘isolationist’ and proud
I have done since at least 2001

More from Taki:

Nationalism’s good and bad points

Natural law

The Christian tradition — right up until the Nominalists who influenced Luther and Calvin — held that Natural Law, written in every human heart (and occluded by Original Sin and its variegated cultural effects), was part not of Revelation but of Creation. Indeed, Catholic theology defines Natural Law as those moral precepts which are available, at least in principle, to any thinking human being who reflects on questions of right and wrong.
A small man in search of a balcony.
— Jimmy Breslin on ‘Benito’ Giuliani

Gulf allies turn backs on Bush
Over faked speedboat scare

From Joshua Snyder.

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