Thursday, January 17, 2008

Psychoanalysing Obama
VDARE’s race-baiting isn’t on but like Ron Paul I agree that regrettably some controls on immigration are needed (charity to one’s citizens is a duty as this writer from the left agrees). That said after reading several articles linked there I think I understand the man.

I agree that cognitive behavioural therapy sounds like a good thing and that the stigma against getting psych help is wrong and destructive.

Apparently Obama chose a church about 20 years ago for these reasons: like JFK and his dad choosing a wife it was to polish his political image and given the ugly truth about his father and his father issues he once fell for such figures and wanted to identify himself as entirely black, hence the appeal of Dr Wright and his ethnocentrism (including associating with Louis Farrakhan — as I wrote earlier there’s nothing wrong with ethnic pride as in a Russian Orthodox parish). All that used to surprise me as obviously Obama does not belong to lumpen American black culture. Now it makes sense.

Dr Wright is right about several things: for example he doesn’t like the Bush régime any more than I do and sees that bad, even violent, American foreign policy caused (but does not excuse) 9/11.

One of Rod Dreher’s readers adds:
Obama’s church’s so-called “Black Values System” is actually a pretty conservative manifesto, in terms of demanding its adherents to follow a code of behavior that involves personal and communal responsibility. In a Chicago Tribune interview Obama had this to say: was important to understand the document as a whole rather than highlight individual tenets. “Commitment to God, black community, commitment to the black family, the black work ethic, self-discipline and self-respect,” he said. “Those are values that the conservative movement in particular has suggested are necessary for black advancement.

“So I would be puzzled that they would object or quibble with the bulk of a document that basically espouses profoundly conservative values of self-reliance and self-help.”
This bit struck me:
Mr Obama has acknowledged that his father grappled with a drinking problem. But with a gift for words that makes Mrs Clinton’s utterances seem stiff and stale, he has turned it into another component of the myth.

Drink, he says, like drugs, are one of “the traps that seem laid in a black man’s soul”.
So at one point to explain Obama Snr’s horribleness Obama Jnr... resorts to racism?
Other things move me. Beethoven’s symphonies. Shakespeare’s sonnets. I know — it’s not what an African is supposed to care about. But who’s to tell me what I should and shouldn’t care about?
— One of Obama’s cousins
Apparently he found that an intolerable threat to the black identity he devised for himself in Hawaii while watching “Soul Train” on TV.
Race, sex and religion don’t matter in this contest; character (as in MLK’s ‘Dream’ speech) and principles do. The latter are why I’ve never supported him — another statist, non-peace politician — but on top of that now I see an unstable person (not to demonise mental illness but fitness is an issue) willing to say or do anything to get elected. (Regarding the latter, just like Mrs Clinton and Mr Romney.) No, thanks.

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