Saturday, January 19, 2008

RIP Archbishop Elias (Zoghby)
Like the recently departed Orthodox Archbishop Vsevolod a pioneer in Roman Catholic-Orthodox relations. A member of the relatively unlatinised (as Rome says they ought to be) Melkite Church (like Samer) he was a leading light among a kind of churchman rather like the Anglo-Catholics in Anglicanism (Catholic, conservative, modelling themselves largely on another church, keen on a certain kind of ecumenism with the mother church and when conflicts come up siding with ‘the larger church’ over one’s own), the high-church восточники, ‘Orthodox in communion with Rome’. Essentially his proposal, reflecting their beliefs, called for the Pope and his church to adopt the Orthodox position on disputed points (which Rome through the now-reigning Pope quietly, understandably rejected).

More on these matters.

Owen White, most Orthodox and the Pope agree:
For reunion to take place one of the two communions will have to cease to be who she is now.

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