Wednesday, January 23, 2008

From the Order of Julian of Norwich
  • St Vincent. Yesterday’s Western feast-day. Like the Church Fathers his story shows the importance of the local and Catholic bishop (clearly in communion/соборный/Eucharistic ecclesiology those aspects are inseparable and even the same really). Among the few treasures on my shelves is a booklet from the Episcopal guild for acolytes, which was like the GSS Catholic society in England, with this Roman deacon from what’s now Spain as its patron, from the 1950s with the American Missal order of Mass (US 1928 BCP fitted into the framework of the Tridentine Mass; of course I’ve seen it done!).
  • Yesterday’s Church Unity Octave intention was, to put it one way, ‘bringing all of America to the Catholic faith’, something of course I’m all for (without using the state/coercion). How would you try to do it (evangelise, catechise)? I still say the old biretta-belt example — ‘full faith’ and practice but using the best of America’s British and Protestant culture — isn’t a bad way to go. Blessed Anthony Rosmini (Catholic and classical liberal), pray for us.
  • Thursday Thoughts, a new Anglo-Catholic blog. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll!
  • St Gregory of Nyssa. Today’s Julian-calendar Byzantine Rite feast-day (stichera).
  • The Episcopal row. Yuck. Their supremo (who also apparently looks down on Roman Catholics for, you know, breedingplus ça change) compares conservative parishes and province-switching dioceses that want to stay in their buildings to rapists whilst their bishop in La-La Land apologises for evangelism and communes Hindus. Funny how the same people become higher than the old Tories or Pius IX in elevator shoes when real estate is involved. Note to the boomer hard left RC and mainline: Beavis and Butt-Head (and their distant cousins the same age being born again, serving the Tridentine Mass or learning to chant in Slavonic) are laughing at you.
  • I try to keep this blog focused on things important to many people, and the antics of a few dippy ministers in a small mainline denomination don’t fall under that (Roman Catholics or Southern Baptists speaking on peace issues and politics do simply because the numbers are so huge), but this is idolatry or at least taking God’s name in vain no less than the German Christian movement in the 1930s or the Protestant right and RC neocons supporting Bush (still playing them using abortion to cadge votes for the GOP).
Update: The first reports of the LA service were wrong: Christians were communed, Hindus given flowers. That makes sense.

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