Thursday, January 24, 2008

Traditio in Radice is back

Gabbling the Mass
Lest some reason think I’m gone completely barmy I hasten to add both are Christian but:
Catholicism and Protestantism are essentially two different religions. “The idea of worship is different ... for, in truth, the religions are different. Don’t deceive yourself, my dear Bateman: it is not that ours is your religion carried a little further — a little too far, as you would say. No, they differ in kind, not in degree: ours is one religion and yours is another”.

...for classical Protestantism, the Eucharist is an acted word; it is a sermon dramatised; it is intended to instruct the witnesses and draw their heart to that saving faith which justifies. But for the Catholic, it is an
opus operatum, an action which by the powerful and indefectible promise of Christ is objectively (not merely subjectively and in the heart of the believer) effective. So the celebrant is not in the business of moving or instucting or edifying or converting the viewer — if such may be the the by-products, even useful ones, of the action, they are not its intrinsic purpose.
What some old-school Protestants and their liberal spiritual progeny make fun of and call magic: hocus-pocus mocks the Latin words of consecration hoc est enim corpus meum.

Michael Ramsey on Newman

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