Monday, January 21, 2008

Why the establishment hates gold
Much like religious modernists don’t like infallibility in the form of rule of law

MLK on Vietnam
Worth remembering on a day when the neocons are tempted to bowdlerise him, using his name for everything from helping homeless animals to ‘doing something for the troops’ other than what the Iraqis and troops really want

Having it both ways
If she’s so strong why’s he fighting her battles?

And she’s for the war too
All this needs is a cartoon of a taxpayer writing a cheque, wearing a Santa hat and saying ‘Ho, ho, ho’. Compare to:

Paul’s economics in four words
No Fed, no empire

The NYT and Fox lie
The Guardian tells the truth: Ron Paul did twice as well in Nevada as even his supporters predicted, finishing second

From the LRC blog.

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