Friday, January 18, 2008

Worldwide liberty declined in 2007, says survey
The answer of course is not to take liberty’s name in vain and conquer other countries, the way of the open left and recent soi-disant right; rather the actual meaning at its best of the Statue of Liberty (which is also not about immigration). Be an example.

Tax rebate as economic stimulus?
United for urgent action, the White House and Congress raced toward emergency steps Thursday to rescue the national economy from a possible recession, including tax rebates of at least $300 a person — and maybe as much as $800. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke endorsed the idea of putting money into the hands of those who would spend it quickly and boost the flagging economy.
Thomas Knapp notes:
Of course, with the government trillions of dollars in debt, any “rebates” will be phoney money — it’ll just be added to that debt and not a penny in government spending cuts even considered.
British government stands behind detention-without-charge plan
Because 7/7 Changed Everything™? And I thought the government was coming to its senses quitting Iraq.

Institutionalised spying on Americans

Anti-war groups retreat on funding fight

Romney defends himself against accusations of tolerance

From The Onion
... before he started giving synthetic presentations that felt more like he was reading a Conservative Union Mad Lib.
— John Dickerson

What happens when blogs go mainstream?
Will they take on all the bad habits of the mainstream media?

Mark Fiore is still cartooning

Because it’s wrong

Candidates: false gods create false hopes
Or at least let you read false hopes into them so you’ll vote for them

Rather like ‘soft sell’ rubbish as explained by ‘Family Guy’:
Ungh! Pretty lady like wheel. Maybe I buy wheel and get pretty lady.
Joel S. Hirschhorn notes:
Obama’s glib talk of more bipartisanship smacks of protecting the status quo political establishment. Huckabee’s religiosity and Romney’s automaton personality are plain frightening, as are McCain’s and Giuliani’s bellicose beliefs. Edwards looks like the real thing, but like Kucinich has been outspent by Obama and the ever phony Clinton whose change priority is moving back into the White House.
From Rational Review.

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