Saturday, January 26, 2008

YouTube: Paul in the Florida debate
From the LRC blog

[Conservative Christians] ...rejecting Ron Paul because they love war, the military and the warfare state, and ... because they don’t know the difference between libertarianism and libertinism.
Why don’t they tell James Dobson to shut up?

As for the objections from the left exacerbated by the newsletter row, a few white supremacists such as Nazis saying they support Paul because they like immigration restrictions doesn’t make him one. Paul’s reasons are economic not racial as he has explained. (How much of that objection is prejudice against a straight-arrow, non-libertine nominal Republican and adopted Texan? Or ageism for that matter?) They want the state to round up minorities and put them in concentration camps. Paul wants to empty the jails of black non-violent drugs offenders. 180!

It’s a red herring. Stick to answering Christians’ and liberals’ well-meant economic objections to libertarianian.
[Some Republicans might want to] draft an outsider — a non-candidate of their choice. The draftee could end up being SC Gov. Mark Sanford, a pro-life, small-government conservative who is publicly agnostic on the war in Iraq. Sanford would be able to come out against the war, triangulate the Democratic candidate, and win the election — that’s if winning trumps all other issues. In such a scenario, it could even be possible to have a Sanford-Paul ticket in the fall (Paul has stated in the past that he thought Sanford would “make an exceptionally good vice president”, so a flipped ticket cannot be out of the question).
This probably won’t happen but I like it.
Alternatively, anti-McRomneybee (Rudy’s finished) conservatives could just let the Democrats win, saddle them with responsibility for a terrible economy over the next four years, and run Sanford or Bobby Jindal in 2012.
[Progressivism is] Unitarian superstition of... 19th-century New England Yankees.
A bankrupt empire
From Justin Raimondo

Also read LRC’s Gary North on stocks this week.

Quit Korea
Also from

From Joshua Snyder.

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