Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bishop Williamson
  • Nationalism alone cannot save nations. Only God can save nations.
  • Peak oil: Today’s Western way of life, imitated now all over the world, is under sentence of death.
  • 1984: ...where the people have neither faith nor internal self-discipline, they... welcome any external discipline [for example] a police-state.
  • England’s no-go areas: I say no matter how you worship God if you violate the harm principle (do not harm others) out you go. I’m not anti-immigration like the bishop. But the kingdoms of the West are being taken from the natives and given to peoples that at least have babies.
  • Isms against objective reality: ...the Belgian Marcel de Corte. Born in 1905, he makes a profound natural diagnosis of the modern illness. The central point of that diagnosis is that out of the Renaissance dividing Faith from life, and out of the Reformation dividing spirit from flesh, there arose RATIONALISM, in which abstract thinking first spurns, and then returns to crush, concrete human living. De Corte’s remedy? To restore the wholeness of man by the humble living of ordinary concrete daily lives, which today, he says, can only be done with the grace of God.
From Dinoscopus.

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