Monday, February 25, 2008

A down side of Ron Paul being a Republican
Fake Ron Paul Republicans, mainstream GOP candidates trying to use his supporters

Tom Hayden is upset
Lew Rockwell writes:
Leftist Tom wishes the Vietnamese were still living in Marxist poverty. But that great people, freed of French and then US colonialism, have chosen the capitalist road. Today Vietnam is — despite all the millions killed by foreign invaders and occupiers, all the property destruction, and all the Agent Orange and landmines left by the Pentagon — booming in entrepreneurship and the free market. Since it is not a US satellite, Vietnam, like China, has not had neoconservatism imposed on it. May Cuba follow the Vietnamese path, and not the become a neocon possession.

PS: Need I mention that Tom Hayden is one of those Santa Monica leftists who himself lives in great wealth?
Nader again
Ralph is an economic leftist, but so are Obama and Hillary (and McKeynesian, for that matter). But he is great on war and empire.
From the LRC blog.

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