Wednesday, February 13, 2008

From one of yesterday’s links... Without an infallible church you get this:
On an email list, I’m acquainted with a trans-gendered male-to-female who advocates gay marriage, but thinks polygamy is ridiculous. But then there are those who divorce and remarry, yet condemn sex-change operations and homosexuality, even though divorce and remarriage was considered scandalous before no-fault divorce was put into law just one generation ago. Abortion is still resisted in most conservative and moderate Christian quarters, but birth control? Of course it’s acceptable and “Biblical,” even though the first denomination that proclaimed it acceptable was the Episcopal Church as recently as the 1930s. Sodomy? Heterosexual Christians practice forms of it all the time; for them, only homosexuals are barred. Morality is what I like, not what you like.
Essentially the point Catholic, good friend and this blog’s unofficial theological adviser Paul Goings has made. The teaching of our holy mother the church is far from popular right now among the chattering classes (including the leaders of mainline churches) but far more consistent (both historically and in its internal logic) than their whims. Again my view as a citizen on polygamy follows the harm principle (don’t harm others): if it’s consensual go for it! Only, as with a favourite upper-middle-class cause, don’t try to force Catholics to bless it in church.

Shack up, have it blessed with any non-Catholic ceremony you want and get the state out of the marriage biz.

(BTW I agree with saying ‘transgender’ because just like objectively there’s no such thing as gay marriage, though there are gay weddings, there are no real transsexuals. DNA doesn’t lie and the practitioners have to dose themselves with hormones the rest of their lives to maintain the illusion.)

Another Catholic, Joshua Snyder, likewise gets it as he does tolerant conservatism as practised in traditional societies; charity and human rights, parts of the Catholic worldview as much as teachings on sex:
Even if in our fallen nature there is a genetic component to same-sex attraction, just as there may be toward alcoholism or violence, acting upon its urges is not justified.

However, if we can take as representative what the study suggests, that the Samoan
fa’a­fines play a greater rôle in “babysit­ting, buy­ing toys, tu­tor­ing, ex­pos­ing the chil­dren to art and mu­sic, and con­tri­but­ing to day-care, med­i­cal and educa­t­ion ex­penses” it goes to show that men who may not be called to father families of their own do have an important rôle to play in their extended families and that they should be treated with the same dignity afforded to all.
With Rod Dreher I agree that coercive attempts at cures are cruel, based on bad psychology and likely to fail (as the Ted Haggard saga shows).

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