Friday, February 29, 2008

Honk for Obama
Since we either are going to have Barack Obama or John McCain as the next President of the United States, I will say right now that I prefer Obama. No, his economic policies are a disaster, but no more disastrous than the present set of Republicans, and I doubt seriously that Obama is a True Believer in Command-and-Control the way that McCain seems to be.

While I’ll root for Nader for president (unless Ron changes his mind), because he is genuinely antiwar, I’ll also cheer the slightly less warlike Obama over the war-lunatic McCain.
One more on Buckley
Sorry, ASimpleSinner
So great that Buckley purged the right of bigots and conspiracy mongers, to make room for the people who think Commies and Islamo-fascists are under our beds, so we must kill the gooks and towel-heads.
So Obama has to repudiate Farrakhan’s endorsement, but McCain can be proud to have Hagee’s. As usual, favoring the murder of Muslims gets you a pass in the American media.
Not that you want to live in a Muslim country but yeah.

BTW Farrakhan’s racist rubbish literally isn’t Islam.

Prince Harry in Afghanistan

What a letdown. I thought maybe the Brits were leaving.

But there is one interesting point: the scions of the upper-class do fight in the UK, whereas no son of a Rockefeller, Ellison, Koch, etc. would be caught dead in uniform, no matter how many government contracts they have.
Good news
Paul and Kucinich are expected to be re-elected to Congress

From the LRC blog.

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