Tuesday, February 19, 2008

An inconvenient miracle
A third one is attributed to Blessed Charles of Austria, Woodrow Wilson’s enemy in World War I. From John Zmirak at Taki via Joshua Snyder.
It’s rarely remembered now, but Woodrow Wilson set as one of the primary war aims of the U.S. as she entered (thanks to his careful maneuvering) World War I the destruction of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. As a multi-ethnic state based not on 19th-century nationalism but ancient dynastic loyalty cemented by a majority Catholic faith, it offended his modern notions of what should constitute a country — and as a good Princeton academic, who was in addition convinced that he personally embodied the Will of God, Wilson knew that he could do better.
Just like the secular and politically correct, the religious right and the religious left today. BTW ‘progressive’ Protestant ministers were warmongers: they were keen on Wilson destroying Catholic Europe. (They also liked eugenics.) Also back then the fundamentalists had the right idea about the state and peace!

One Ruthenian Greek Catholic church I’ve been to in Pennsylvania has a marvellous portrait of Emperor Franz Josef in the hall.

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