Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lew Rockwell on Kosovo
Our friends, the neoconservatives, hate secession. They denounce this ancient principle of liberty as “neo-Confederate.” Yet they applaud the independence of Kosovo, as does Bush. Why? Well, it’s part of their ongoing campaign to hobble Russia and advance US hegemony. Of course, Kosovo has the right to self-government. But so do the Serbian enclaves within Kosovo. If they were allowed to be independent, or part of Serbia, as they wish, that would end much of the hostility. Tragically, Kosovo, like the CSA, the USA, and other states born in secesssion, denies it to its own people.

Fr Nektarios (Serfes): ‘Long live Serbia’

Why Obama gets my honk not my vote
I didn’t forget: here he is advocating war in Pakistan. That and the [sarcasm] change wrought by the results of the 2006 election [/sarcasm] in which for the first time I voted a mostly Democratic ticket.
Sure, he sounds less bad on foreign policy than McCain, now. And Bush sounded less bad on foreign policy than Gore — before he was elected.

...the most troubling thing about his campaign: will Obama manage to make America’s youthful set as enamored of the US nation-state as ever? Will he bring back liberal faith in the imperial presidency? Will he make the under-30 crowd feel more democratically involved next time their government drops bombs on innocent foreigners?

My generation was for many years too trustful of the imperial executive, not having experienced the horrors of Vietnam in their lifetime. Bush II has done a great service, helping to turn my generation against war and the national government. Obama says we are not as divided as our politics leads us to think. If only we were actually politically divided in this country! If only we had some choice between radically different visions of governance!
The left certainly weren’t for peace 10 years ago. I heard this in person — some of the same people who rightly opposed the first Iraq War cheered Clinton getting involved in ex-Yugoslavia (bombing Belgrade on their Easter).

Just like many who said they opposed Clinton on conservative principles (Bush’s song and dance in ’00, and here I don’t mean culture-wars red herrings) weren’t really conservatives. People like Rockwell who were paying attention to this knew.

The stupidity of the Protestant right
From Laurence Vance, an evangelical who isn’t falling for it (nor does he sign onto the religious left, Jim Wallis’s and Tony Campolo’s meddling statist ‘progressivism’, the other side of the same coin):
As objectionable as a gay pride parade is to some people, I don’t recall anyone ever getting killed in one. Yet, a McCain presidency is sure to result in hundreds more dead American troops in Iraq and elsewhere. Although I have heard many Christians complain about McCain not being a real conservative, I rarely if ever hear any objections from Christians about his warmongering.

I forget who first said it, but if God wanted us to vote he would have given us some candidates.
But Vance seems to favour pacifism; I don’t.
Reader DG nicely sums it up —

“What are the chances a particular candidate will nuke some country or bring back the draft?

Obama: Something less than 50/50
Clinton: At least 50/50
McCain: Near-metaphysical certitude (as John McLaughlin would say)”

I would add:

Paul: approx. 0
From the LRC blog.

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