Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mrs Obama
Likewise obsessed with race but she’s honest about that. Perhaps like his choice of church (the self-consciously blackest one in Chicago?) functionally this marriage both reflects his emotions (even before I learnt he never knew his father I saw that the foreign father and white mother mean in American culture he’s not black, which has always bothered him) and is a politically astute move (get the black vote).
Black and Hispanic students were invited to attend special classes a few weeks before the beginning of freshman semester, which the school said were intended to help kids who might need assistance adjusting to Princeton’s campus. Acree couldn’t see why. She had come from an East Coast prep school; Michelle had earned good grades in Chicago. “We weren’t sure whether they thought we needed an extra start or they just said, ‘Let’s bring all the black kids together’.”
Sailer remarks:
Obviously, this program wasn’t put together by the Princeton klavern of the Ku Klux Klan; it was planned by the Princeton diversity sensitivity outreach nook.
Both keep tabs on race, want quotas and want people to stick with their own kind. Isn’t it wonderful to see people in one country working for the same goals?

He doesn’t get my worship or my vote but my honk:
We all know Obama will be a lousy president, but at least he won’t be the mad bomber or the witch. He seems intelligent and promises to bring the troops home; after that it’s not good. At least the neocons hate him.
From Taki.

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