Thursday, February 21, 2008

The neocon-liberal popular front
From Serbia to Iraq. From Justin Raimondo via LRC.

There was no genocide in Kosovo.

The million-year war
Think of the top officials of the Bush administration as magicians when it comes to Iraq. Their top hats and tails may be worn and their act fraying, but it doesn’t seem to matter. Their latest “abracadabra,” the President’s “surge strategy” of 2007, has still worked like a charm. They waved their magic wands, paid off and armed a bunch of former Sunni insurgents and al-Qaeda terrorists (about 80,000 “concerned citizens,” as the President likes to call them), and magically lowered “violence” in Iraq. Even more miraculously, they made a country that they had already turned into a cesspool and a slagheap — its capital now has a “lake” of sewage so large that it can be viewed “as a big black spot on Google Earth” — almost entirely disappear from view in the U.S.

Of course, what they needed to be effective was that classic adjunct to any magician’s act, the perfect assistant. This has been a role long held, and still played with mysterious willingness, by the mainstream media.
For all their concern about saving the earth the upper middle class don’t care because they know their kids won’t be sent over there. (Jess also points out they like saving the world without having to do very much.) That and some of them modern-liberal fashion think it’s for the Iraqis’ own good (we know what’s good for you, doncha know?) and the Iraqis really want to be just like them even if they don’t know it yet. So thinks the neocon-liberal popular front.

McCain boasts that he supported “the surge,” seeing the need for more “boots on the ground” in Iraq. During President Clinton’s air war over Bosnia, McCain faulted the president for his unwillingness to put American “boots on the ground” in that war. No one knows for sure just where on earth Sen. McBootsonthebrain does not want American “boots on the ground.” He is willing to have us stay in Iraq 100 years.

[Of the Republican candidates] only Ron Paul was (pardon the pun) appalled at that prospect, invoking (appropriately enough at that [Roman] Catholic college [St Anselm, Manchester, New Hampshire]) the “Just War” theory proposed by Saint Augustine, and refined and reaffirmed by Saint Thomas Aquinas.
Only the man who never uses religion to get votes represents the authentic Catholic position.
If they are good workmen, they may be from Asia, Africa or Europe; they may be Mahometans, Jews, Christians of any sect, or they may be Atheists....
— George Washington on the construction of Mount Vernon

Works just as well for politicians.

Jack Kenny also has a word on a subject the upper-middles (and wannabes) and the mainstream media do care about. A church row for example involving a few dozen people (relatively speaking) can eclipse Iraq as it involves people of that class having sex.
...[a friend] continues to believe, with all misguided sincerity, that the way to reduce abortion is more birth control and more sex education. Never mind the occasional dip in the numbers and rates of abortions. Look past the year-to-year statistics and take the long view of decades. The number of abortions soared as liberal judges removed the legal barriers and birth control became more widely available (even with condoms distributed in schools now) and sex-education programs proliferating at even the grade school level.
Contraception doesn’t violate the do-not-harm-others principle so it’s none of the state’s business: don’t outlaw it. The state pushing it violates religious liberty and of course worsens the cause of the problems (it makes people think sex has no responsibility or consequences attached, and my God, how the money rolls in).

There’s also the matter of this class pushing birth control on the poor and non-white, a socially acceptable way to be racist in the name of saving the earth from overpopulation (just can’t stand the thought of those people... breeding). Your 1.5 pink ‘planned’ children are priceless even in the womb; those children are ‘unwanted life’ (actual quotation from a liberal sermon), that is, Lebensunwertes Leben or vermin.

Walkin’ in a winter wonderland...

The flash-point of all heresy and apostasy involves God and his relation to his creation, the material world, where God and matter/the flesh meet, and like Cæsar’s Gaul can be broken down into three parts, who Jesus is, what the Eucharist is and sex, secular people only caring about the last. The first, I think, gives you the big difference between Catholics and Protestants: did the God-man leave an infallible church or not? Even when the latter are christologically orthodox (that is, Christian) they seem to miss this conclusion flowing from who he is.

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